Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Been a long time - Marauder Base

Its been a long time since I opened up here.  Not the best of starts but, hey, life.

So, tonight, I started work on the base for a modified 1/48 scale B-25 Mitchell bomber I'm going to use in 40k as a Marauder bomber for my IG army.

Given the size of the finished model, I knew I was going to need a larger base.  Scrounging about in the kitchen, I found the top to an oleo tub that I figure is going to be just the right size.

Next, I gathered the required materials -

 L-R - Scoop, mixing bowl, cups for measuring the plaster and water, Base, superglue, plastic tube to take the insert, ink, and plaster 

First, superglue the stem to the lid, making sure to apply enough glue to seal the opening between the tube and the lid.

Set aside, allowing the superglue to cure.

While that's curing, I went ahead and measured the components for the Plaster of Paris - my mix is two parts plaster to one part water, and I wanted to give the base a little color besides stark white, so I added some Windsor Newton Peat Brown ink to the mix - thus the syringe of brown to the left.

Next step, mix the components

I then added the brown

Best consistency is that of pancake mix ready for the griddle.  You want some flow, but some stiffness.

Once you get what you are looking for, start applying the plaster to the lid that forms the foundation for the base - I start at the middle and work out.  You want to avoid circular patterns unless you are basing a hovering craft over water.

Once the base is filled, set it aside and let it harden - this can take a minimum of 24 hours.

Next step is going to be cleaning up the edges and preping for painting.